Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mo's Birthday, and the blog goes public

Happy Birthday, Mo!

Thank you for being an interesting person, a great writer, and a lover of local history!

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  1. Yeah sandra, happy birthday mo!!! I just watched Duranes, and my white horse, Sunday Magic put his nose in at the end! Thankyou for making this history so accessable.
    now, how do I get Abby & Dan Tabet, and their mom to give an oral history? They live in the same cul de sac as the Pachechos, and it's Dan and Harold that keep our community ditch going. I'm end of ditch ;-(
    the ortegas, across the street from me, where Sunday Magic hangs out could also tell some great stories. And the chavezes...maybe we need a story of floral road, with Maxine's greenhouse...