Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mo's Birthday, and the blog goes public

Happy Birthday, Mo!

Thank you for being an interesting person, a great writer, and a lover of local history!

COLORES | More! Albuquerque: Places Of The Heart

A documentary on which Mo Palmer worked:

Following the success of Albuquerque's Places of the Heart, New Mexico PBS and the Albuquerque Museum present More! Albuquerque's Places of the Heart. Included are places that did not make it into the first program. Memorable places such as Old Albuquerque High School, the Sunport, the Civic Auditorium and many, many others are featured. These landmarks live again through photographs, film, music, and the words of people who remember them. All communities have unique places, many which have been replaced by skyscrapers, freeways, and malls, yet they live on in memories. They hold the past, tell us who we are, tie us to our community and create a shared identity. More! Albuquerque's Places of the Heart celebrates Albuquerque's past, renews our common bond, educates and shares with newcomers the uniqueness and history of Albuquerque.

This is a sequel to Albuquerque's Places of the Heart

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COLORES | Albuquerque's Places Of The Heart

A Documentary on which Mo Palmer worked:

As wave after wave of newcomers inundates Southwestern cities, the past gets buried deeper and deeper, and until recently almost all of Albuquerque's architectural history was disregarded and torn down. Now there is revitalization and a greater understanding of the need for preserving and celebrating the history and buildings of our unique southwestern identity.

Later there was a sequel: COLORES | More! Albuquerque: Places Of The Heart

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COLORES | Clyde & Carrie Tingley Of New Mexico

A documentary on which Mo Palmer worked:

This is a story that has needs to be told! After years of dedicated service to Albuquerque and the great state of New Mexico, Clyde & Carrie Tingley slipped into obscurity. Clyde Tingley, is perhaps the most important politician in the history of modern New Mexico. His tenure from 1917 to 1954 was equal to Chicago's Richard Daley and Boston's James Michael Curley. Tingley is responsible for bringing New Mexico into the 20th Century after after years of tireless effort. He is most well known for bringing the benefits of New Deal programs to Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico. Told for the first time, this is a poignant story of a couple whose great love for New Mexico knew no equal!

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COLORES | Recuerdos De Los Duranes

A TV documentary on which Mo worked:

New Mexico PBS celebrates community by producing an intimate portrait, Recuerdos de Los Duranes. Working hand-in-hand with the Los Duranes Neighborhood Association, we conducted an oral history of the neighborhood. The result is a poignant account of how so much has changed so quickly in this traditional Hispanic community. Yet, Duranes residents still firmly believe in their community. As Joe Chavez says: "I think people are depending on themselves more and more. Before, we shared with each other whatever we could, our goods, our foods and I still do. I think that is the thing you never forget when you help somebody or they help you."

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"Albuquerque, City of Change"

If you go to the Albuquerque Museum, check the schedule at the little theater downstairs.

Albuquerque, City of Change, 1940-1980. The Albuquerque Museum, GEM Theater, shown daily.
*Palmer, Mo and Michael Kamins, The Albuquerque Museum.